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Begin Scaling and Leave the Competition Behind.

Only 2.5% of Businesses Reach $10M in Revenue

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Don’t be one of the 97.5% of businesses that don’t have the tools and knowledge to achieve this level. Are you limiting your company’s growth? Are your efforts to control getting in the way?

Develop The Right People
Deploy Strategic Systems

Investing in the right people and strategic systems will enable your business to scale. Long-time loyalties are no longer serving the business. Your people and systems are prerequisite to achieving this unique milestone.


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Develop Management

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Master Cash Flow

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Develop KPI’s To Monitor The Business

Hire the people and systems you need to scale your business. Reengineer the business to produce more with less effort. Create a high-performing business.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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What Got You Here, Will Not Get You There. Reach Your $10M Milestone.

The Process

You’ve already passed the $5M milestone, but you aren’t satisfied. You want to continue growing, but you are experiencing a new set of challenges. Your people are not able to keep up with the new pace and greater expectations. Your systems may have become antiquated. Time to gear up for the next level. With your Portocol Growth Guides, you’ll map out a new plan to get you beyond the $10M milestone.

Freedom Point: A Financial Planning Guide for Business Owners

If you’re like most business owners, your desire for freedom is hardwired into your psyche.

Selling your business may seem far off into the future, but if exiting your business now would give you the financial resources to do whatever you want, it may be worth considering sooner than feels natural.

This e-Book offers a simple methodology you can apply to reach financial independence – what we call The Freedom Point.